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Voices is a two-sided freelancing marketplace that connects global brands with best-in-class creative service providers, with a specific focus on voiceover talent.

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Design Sprints

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The Brief

Because Voices is a well-established organization with a mature product team, we found no shortage of identified areas of opportunity. There were several product teams working on discrete service areas, all of which required a tactical, user-focused approach to drive innovation.

We ran our Design Sprint process with Voices on several initiatives, creating space for the product teams to set strategies and create solutions across the user journey.


Each Design Sprint we launched with Voices began with an accelerated discovery process. In this phase, we created current and ideal user journey maps, conducted interviews and audits, and reviewed critical metrics & usage data to inform our focus for the workshopping phase.

Design Sprint

To get the team aligned on the problems to be solved, we kicked off product initiatives by facilitating cross-functional design sprint workshops. We focused on business bottlenecks, and created team cohesion on the vision for the future. Our workshops created an abundance of useful insights and creative input from the teams involved, which we worked on together to hone into focused, complete, and practical solutions to test.


The result of our workshop sessions were concise, vetted, and exciting ideas co-created by the teams. From here, we created sets of hyper-realistic prototypes that served as the foundation for all future cycles; including user testing and research, product marketing, and full-fledged builds.

The Result

The focused feature sets we initiated with Design Sprints launched on platform to great success. Highlights include improved usability scores, positive feedback from users on-platform, and increased revenue for the organization.

We continued in partnership with the Voices team, iterating and improving solutions as insights continued to pour in from real-world use.

+200% Customer Satisfaction

10+ Initiatives Launched

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Your next big leap

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