Launching a new vision

for the future of distributed hiring

Launching a new vision

for the future of distributed hiring

Ready Hire is a full-service education and employment marketplace that matches hiring managers with vetted, trained and certified job candidates in specific high-demand roles.

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Design Sprints

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The Brief

Ready Hire came to us with the goal of transforming their existing service-based offering into a scaleable digital product. We achieved this goal by working alongside the Ready Hire team in our flagship Design Sprint process.


We began with an intensive deep dive into the existing Ready Hire offering; our team mapped out user journeys, conducted interviews and audits, and identified critical areas of opportunity to proceed with. We used this comprehensive understanding of the current state as the foundation for the next steps in our process.

Design Sprint

With a concrete understanding of the challenge landscape, we facilitated several design sprint workshops with the founding Ready Hire team. In our workshops, we worked collaboratively to create alignment amongst the team; thoroughly vetting and agreeing on the solutions we would proceed with.

Recognizing this new product venture as a natural opportunity, we also conducted a brand strategy workshop with the team, resulting in a refreshed design language that represented the energy of the brand and aligned with the core values of the founding team.


The team was now clear on the problem to be solved, and a set of clear solutions to deploy in order to solve them. We proceeded with prototyping, creating realistic, interactive representations of each concept; with zero code and in record time.

The Result

The result of our work was a clear vision for the future of Ready Hire, paired with team alignment and momentum towards their next major milestone; a full product launch.

The in-house Ready Hire development team used our prototypes and developer spec packages to create the initial version of the product, which was launched into the market with success.

We’re pleased to share that Ready Hire has recently acquired funding, and are returning Basis partners as they continue to gain insights from their customers and build towards the future.



Prototype to scalable product

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Your next big leap

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