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ARINA Live is a fitness & training platform that takes the interactive fitness class experience online. With ARINA, trainers are empowered to grow their businesses by facilitating classes virtually or in-person from any location. Clients can connect with their favourite trainers, attend classes, and purchase classes & training packs.

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The Brief

With the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, the fitness industry underwent massive changes, and service providers were forced to adapt to a new way of working. ARINA Live had an initial product offering that was generating interest in the community, but the founders discovered that their beta version was falling short of their goals in a few key areas.

Basis worked together with the founding team through our Design Sprint process to bring the product vision to its full potential.


In order to fully understand our areas of opportunity with ARINA Live, our discovery process included the identifying of our core user segments, and mapping out their existing user journeys. We paid special attention to understood areas of friction where users needed to break immersion and step outside of the ARINA Live ecosystem. This included usability issues on-platform and real-world geographic context for trainers and clients.

Design Sprint

Our discovery process uncovered several key areas of opportunity for us to proceed with. We facilitated design sprint workshop sessions with the ARINA Live team to dive deeper into these opportunities, creating a prioritized list of features and fixes that would drive to the next stage of the product’s growth.

The ARINA Live team also looked to us for an iteration on their visual language; we conducted a brand strategy workshop that resulted in the foundational pieces of a custom design system that could be built upon in future cycles.


We moved forward with a sharpened focus not just on our areas of opportunity, but the solutions to address them. We proceeded with prototyping, creating hyper-realistic representations of each concept.

The Result

With crisp alignment on the key areas to focus on for an improved product experience, the ARINA Live development team got to work building out the fully-featured app using our prototypes & project handoff package.

ARINA Live are returning Basis partners, using our Design Sprint process repeatedly to create multiple solutions across their web platform and companion mobile applications.

Successful Product Launch

Prototype to Live Product

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